My City Church is so excited to be integrating a new Core Values series into our Team Nights. Last Sunday we started off with one of our core values: UNITED IN JESUS. We are also really pumped about our next set of Crews that are meeting up next week, March 14th to 18th! We have already outgrown our spaces and have launched 2 new crews! Along with Team Nights and Crews we are announcing a PRAYER NIGHT that will be held on Wednesday, March 22 at 7PM at the Thompson Center at UNO. 

UNITED IN JESUS is the first core value of My City Church that we were able to share about with 165 others attending our last Team Night! We believe that we are united under no other name, but the name of Jesus. More than any method or personal preference, we are focused on Jesus and His message. Our passion is to love and serve Omaha in a creative and fresh way by using our individual talents and unique strengths, but all with the same purpose and same heart!

CREWS are off to an awesome start, we started with 3 Crews and are now spreading further across Omaha with 2 more! Crews are all about sharing our lives together over dinner and having conversations about the role that faith plays in our life. We get to meet new friends and love each other hard! We’re all inclusive and would love to keep launching more Crews, so sign up by clicking the link and check one out! SIGN UP HERE

PRAYER is one of the most vital foundations of who we are at My City Church. We love to spend our time together encountering Jesus in a personal way. My City Church believes in the power of prayer in such a way that we can ask Him to do big and impactful things and know that He hears and will answer our prayers because He has already called us to live on mission in Omaha with the specific purpose to lift up Jesus and empower leaders in all spheres of life. Make sure to check out our next Prayer Night on March 22, at 7PM at the UNO Thompson Center.