What an amazing Team Night this last Sunday with over 140 people who came together to hear about our next core value: Faith-Filled in Confession. My City Church is a church in Omaha, NE that is full of faith. We also got to hear about our awesome week of CREWS, our first Interest Party and more about our upcoming Easter Worship Experience! We also got the wonderful privilege of kicking off our Kids CREWS as a part of our Kids Program! 


Core Value: FAITH-FILLED IN CONFESSION is simply that we look into the future with great expectation. We honor the past, but are most loyal to our future. Our language is full of faith knowing that the best is yet to come! 

At My City Church in Omaha, NE we want to build a culture that is full of faith. Faith is heard in our language and in our attitude. We learned that faith first starts in our heart - then moves to our head - then comes out of our mouth. We truly do believe that THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

CREWS were a hit this last week as we talked deeper about more of the core values at My City Church. We got to hear people’s stories and experiences with what it meant to live a life that was all Inclusive in Nature. People shared stories of feeling alienated in places and what that looked like as well as experiences feeling especially welcomed. We go to learn from each others’ experiences on how to better live a life that was inclusive to anyone and everyone! We want to be a community of people who are known for genuinely caring for and loving others regardless of their past.

The kids who participated in the Kids Program during the Team Night also got to experience their first CREW! The kids were able to learn more about God's love for each and every one of them and were able to ask questions, worship together and then their CREW ended with some really sweet prayer time!

My City Church is so excited for our Easter Service on Easter Sunday at 10am at the Thompson Center at UNO. The Cross Equals Love will be a preview worship experience for My City Church. Pastor Jesse Norman will be leading the service and we will also be offering a full Kids Program that will mirror the message Pastor Jesse will be giving so families can share what they learned together!

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