We had another incredible Team Night this last Sunday night! We learned from Pastors Jesse and Angela Norman, what it looks like to be Passionate in Expression! There was an update on CREWS, which are going on all throughout this week! We also got to talk in depth about the Teams that we are building out for My City Church, followed by a reminder for our next Interest Party! 


“Everything we do, we do it with passion. From our worship to our service, we do it with energy. Passion drives us - Passion for Jesus, Passion for people, Passion for His church.”

Passion is a posture and an attitude. The fruit of passion in a person is displayed by energy, engagement and excitement! When you are passionate about something, everyone around you can tell and it spreads! As a church, we want to be passionate people, and as it is contagious, the people around you will get excited too! We are a church that is most passionate about Jesus, people and the Church! We will not hide our passion for Jesus in order to make others more comfortable. We are passionate about people, people’s lives, people’s stories and people’s dreams! We also hold a powerful zeal for the local church, we love church and we love serving our city, Omaha, Nebraska!


My City CREWS are small gatherings of 10-15 people who meet at different cafés and restaurants around Omaha to hang, eat, and talk about life. These gatherings take place every other week. We would love for you to join us at any of our CREWS - simply check out the schedule, choose a crew, sign up online, and we will see you at dinner! We have 7 CREWS meeting up this week all over Omaha! 


As we are growing at My City Church there are more and more opportunities to join Team at My City Church! There are 14 Teams in place at My City Church that we are building in preparation for our launch, this September! We talked in depth about the Teams and their purposes.We are so excited to continue building Teams at My City as we move forward, to hear more about Teams and how to sign up, check out our next Team Night, on May 28th, at 5pm at the Thompson Center at UNO!



We are so excited for our next Interest Party, on May 21st at 5pm at the Thompson Center at UNO! Interest Parties are an opportunity for anyone to come hear about the vision of My City Church. It is a party, so come ready to have fun. We are not asking for any big commitments - only for you to come and hear the vision and be inspired.


We are so excited about our very first Creative Night on May 17th at 7pm at Sozo Coffeehouse in Downtown Omaha! My City Church is hosting a night to cover all things creative! Come and hear vision, find out how you can get involved and learn about some upcoming workshops specific to what you want to pursue!