Team Night was incredible! We had so many people come together to experience Jesus. We worshiped, we laughed, and learned what it means to LEAD in LIFE. On top of that we had Crew updates, discussed upcoming events and even got a glimpse into Next Steps at My City Church, more info to come! Let's learn what it means to LEAD in LIFE, take a look at our leadership moto!

"I am a leader. I am a person of influence. Today I choose to be a blessing. With God’s help, there is nothing that I cannot do. Instead of being reactive, I will be proactive. I know the answer, I am the solution." 

We believe in the leadership potential of every person, by taking every opportunity to raise up the next generation of leaders. Whether you realize it or not, you are a leader. It’s not something we do, rather it’s who we are. Leadership lies in the way we think, process and solve problems. The greatest form of leadership is providing a solution to a problem. Anyone can point out a problem or even see the potential of a problem arising, but a leader will find and implement a solution. 

Problems lie within the battle of wills. There are 3 wills that are constantly fighting against each other. We have our will (free will) to determine what is right and wrong, God’s will to bring Heaven to earth, and the devil’s will to steal, kill and destroy. 

First we understand sin isn’t something we do,  otherwise we'd stop doing it. Sin is something we’re born into and we can’t undo the nature of sin, that's why we need Jesus to intervene. We can’t beat sin by trying harder, but by experiencing the power of Jesus and letting God’s will prevail against the others. Even in the middle of our darkest moments, God is always at His best. His presence is always with us! In His perfect will for our life, we have the choice to lead in every sphere of life. Whatever life looks like, being a student, parent or businessman, He is going to give us the resources to lead and succeed. We have to truly believe God wants us to win, be blessed and He’s with us every step of the way.

WORSHIP NIGHT - The definition of worship is: The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for God. Worship is not just about singing along to a song, but loving God by showing Him respect. We can worship God in our day to day lives by allowing Him to fill us with His spirit, and letting that determine our actions, interactions and reactions to people and situations. And we as a community of people that love God and desire to express that love are looking forward to worship together! 

We are so excited to worship as My City Church on July 16th at 5pm at the Thompson Center at UNO. This will be a time to come together and love God and praise Him for who He is and what He has done in our personal lives as well as the work that He is doing in our city of Omaha, Nebraska! RSVP HERE

CREW WEEK - We are so pumped for another week of CREWS! There are 7 CREWS going on all over Omaha from Tuesday to Saturday! So check out the different days and locations and find one that works for you! We cannot wait to see you there! Sign up HERE

Creative Night - My City Church is hosting a night to cover all things creative! July 19th at 7pm, come and hear vision, find out how you can get involved and learn about some upcoming workshops specific to what you want to pursue! We're meeting at Sozo Coffeehouse: 1314 Jones St, Omaha, NE 68102 at 7pm! RSVP

Launch Team Gathering - Our next Launch Team Gathering is on July 23rd at 10:00AM! We are so excited to begin implementing Sunday mornings at My City Church! RSVP HERE