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The Church I See


Church is a place where worship is lifted up and people's lives are changed. At My City Church we have a clear vision of what we are building. I see a church rising up in Omaha, NE for God's glory. I want to share with you what I see that church looking like. 


The Church that I see is: a Church full of life; a Church that is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by living out the Great Commandment; a Church that is committed to Loving God, Loving People, and Leading in Life.
I see a Church that influences cities toward Christ; a Church so large in size that it changes the spirit of the city and captivates the attention of its people.
I see a Church where people who are far away from God are engaged with the love of Christ; a Church where salvation is preached and hearts are turned back to a loving Savior; a Church that is known for its compassion and grace-filled message of redemption.
I see a Church that is united in Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit; a Church that moves in power and carries light to the darkest places of the city; a Church that is committed to see a revival spirit break out and transform culture.
I see a Church so inclusive in nature that people from all walks of life find a place they call home; a Church that welcomes the broken with love, compassion, and hope; a Church where people belong even before they believe.
I see a Church that pushes the boundaries of what has been done before; a Church that uses every available technology to disciple and proclaim the message of Jesus Christ.
I see a Church that is committed to the empowerment of leaders; a Church that is on the move planting, building, and developing the local church; a Church where the God given potential of each person is realized and released for Kingdom purposes.
I see a Church that is united in Jesus, inclusive in nature, faith-filled in confession, passionate in expression, generous in action, excellent in spirit, and leads in every sphere of life.
Yes, the Church that I see could well be our church - My City Church.
- Pastor Jesse Norman 2017