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Grace Zone

Church planting is a GRACE and if you stay ‘within the sphere of the grace God has given you,’ His favor and blessing will be on your endeavors.
— Brian Houston, Hillsong Church

Church planting is not for the faint of heart. It will challenge every part of your world. There are natural battles and spiritual battles, but in it all God is with you. The key is to stay in your grace zone. We believe My City Church has a grace zone in the city of Omaha, NE. We believe God has called us to build a life-giving church that will reach the lost and hurting in our city. 

At My City Church we will be laser-focused on reaching the lost. People are looking for something, and we believe the answer is Jesus. The reality is that we cannot save anyone, but we can love them. At My City Church we have a simple mission:

My City Church exists… to lift up Jesus in our city by loving people and empowering leaders in every sphere of life. 

That is what we want to do in a big way. We want to create a church where people can encounter the love of Jesus and encounter people who love them like Jesus. We believe that this is our grace zone. We want to:


With God’s help we are going to build a church that influences Omaha toward Jesus. We are looking for people who believe in this mission to partner with us. We would love for you to pray, give, and build with us in 2017. 

We believe God is with us, and with His help a brand new life-giving church is going to arise in Omaha, NE. We love you and hope that you stop back by the blog to stay in the loop. 


Pastor Jesse & Angela Norman
Lead Pastors | My City Church