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December 14, 2021

2021 Christmas Gift Guide


And just like that, Christmas is only 11 days away.

Maybe some of you have long finished your holiday shopping or only need to grab a few more things. Or, maybe you're like me, and you haven't even begun yet! Whichever you are, you're in luck! The men and women of My City Church have spoken, and I'm here to share with you the gifts they want for Christmas!

Women's Gift Guide

Spa Day

Men, it's time to run around town and grab all of your wife's/mom's/daughter's favorite gift cards! The women in your life want a day of complete bliss. Ladies, picture this: It's a slow morning. Your husband has agreed to take the kids all morning and afternoon. You take your Starbucks gift card to grab a coffee and then head to get a massage and a facial at your favorite local spa. Afterwards, you head to your nail gal for a mani/pedi combo. I don't know about you, but that sounds like heaven! Men, this is going to take some investigating on where her favorite spots are, but I believe in you.


There are so many amazing fashion trends right now, so what better gift to give than adding to her wardrobe! If there's anything I know, it's that a lot women love to go shopping, and very few like to spend their own money doing it! Or, we don't enjoy the process of shopping, but we love unwrapping a brand new pair of shoes on Christmas morning. Men, your ladies want Chelsea boots, cute vests, oversized flannels, fuzzy robes, and lounge wear. If you need more ideas on what you get the women in your life, check out our Fall 2021 Women's Style Guide.

Keurig Coffee Station/Nespresso Machine

Men, I guarantee you'll love this one too! The women in your life want COFFEE! And, in the long run, you're going to save money! It's a win-win! Check out these different options:

Keurig Machine

Nespresso Machine

Candles/Wax Melts + Wax Warmer

You can't go wrong with candles and wax melts! Wax warmers are the safe version of candles, and fill your home with beautiful smells in no time at all. This Christmas, opt for local Omaha area candle companies such as Nomad Wax Co.! If you're in a pinch, this is my favorite candle from Target:

Coconut and Honey Candle

Heated Blanket/Weighted Blanket/Blankets of Every Kind!

That's right, blankets! Who doesn't love blankets? The beautiful thing is that you can never have too many. This year, opt for a heated or weighted blanket! You can find these everywhere nowadays. Here are a couple options from Target:

Heated Blanket

Weighted Blanket

Men's Gift Guide

Alright men, relax... we didn't forget about you! Ladies, here are what the men in your life want:

Hot Tub

If you guys recall our Father's Day Gift Guide, then you remember the inflatable hot tub. It's made it's return! The men in your life want a hot tub, ladies. And you know you do too! You can go all out with a real hot tub, or you can go for this inflatable one:

Inflatable Hot Tub

Mini Fridge

This year, the men in your life want mini fridges! Whether it's for beneath their desks at work or for the man cave at home, these make great gifts. You can buy these just about anywhere appliances are sold, but here is an option from Target:

Mini Fridge

A Drone

For the creative husband, brother or son, opt for a drone! Ladies, these will take a little research on your end and some questioning. Best Buy is a great place to go for this kind of gift!

Golf Clubs

The men in your life want golf clubs! Great brands like TaylorMade have golf clubs in stock and ready to ship straight to your door! Check out their website here:

TaylorMade Website

Workout Gear

Whether it's new running shoes, supplements, or gym clothing, this could be a fun gift to put together for the man in your life that loves to workout! Check out local businesses like Rexius Nutrition for supplements!

Well, friends, there you have it! Your last-minute gift guide, brought to you by the men and women of My City Church. We pray that this holiday season is one of joy, family, lots of great food and love!

Happy shopping!

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