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October 20, 2022

2022 Autumn Style Guide


Fall is here!

Annual (numerous) Vala’s trips, pumpkin cream cold brew, Friday night lights, campfires, the list could go on. The fall season is upon us and with brisker weather and fall festivities heading our way, its the perfect time to spruce up the wardrobe. In this seasonal style guide, I’ll provide the latest fall trends, and well as where to find these looks! To start off, here is a list of some of my favorite boutiques to shop online, in case you want to support local and small businesses, before heading on your Target run. Some businesses are having some great sales going into the fall season right now!

*Extra style/shopping tip – When purchasing clothes from Amazon, I always look at what Amazon/Instagram influencers are buying, since they often give thorough reviews on the sizing, material, and fit, which I find really helpful!

Boutiques to check out:


It’s been fun exploring all new shackets available this season, especially during a time where it is not consistently cold yet. There are those days that start freezing in the more, 70 degrees in the afternoon, and chilly again by the evening. For these kinds of days, shackets are perfect! I would recommend a solid color or simply patterned tee/crewneck sweatshirt to go with your shacket, especially if the shacket itself has patterns, such as plaid. Lately though, I have ben LOVING the solid-colored waffle-knit or corduroy shackets on Amazon. They are lightweight, yet comfy for the fall festivities. Those are cute to wear with graphic tees!

Where to find: Amazon, Target,

Brim Hats

My personal favorite on this style guide! I am huge fan of hats, but I understand some people are skeptical of where hats “look good” on them. I say: be adventurous, decide on shorter or longer brim, and try with a cheaper hat first before investing in a longer-lasting, high-quality hat. I started with a hat from Forever 21, and then started purchasing my hats from Lack of Color, an Australian hat company whose hats worth the investment, if you are looking to find a staple hat that you could get much use out of.

Where to find: Lack of Color, Forever 21, Altar’d State

Layering with Turtlenecks

Layering with turtlenecks has been another exciting trend that has been perfect for the ever-changing weather this time of year. My problem has been finding turtlenecks that last and aren’t see-through material (especially with white turtlenecks, so I have done searching to find some solid turtlenecks to go with my sweaters and oversized tees. Amazon has been a personal favorite for many styles, including the turtlenecks!

Where to find: Amazon, H+M, Old Navy, Banana Republic

Oversized Tees

I am huge fan of the oversized band tees, but it is so cool to that graphic aren’t just oriented towards music; there’s plenty of graphic to suit people interests. I have a coffee-themed oversized tee from Etsy that has quickly become my favorite tee I own. A few tips when it come to purchasing tees: double-check to see if they are already are oversized. Since the oversized look is trend now, you may not need to order an XL (or whatever sized would be oversized for you) if the tee already comes oversized. For example, when I get my tees at Urban Outfitters, they already come oversized, so I stick with a small.

Where to find: Urban Outfitters, Target, Etsy, PacSun

Flare Leather Pants

These are fun. I recently found flare black leather pants from Target and I AM OBSESSED. I wore mine with a patterned sweater, turtleneck, my staple black denim jacket, and some Nike Court Vision sneakers. If flare style is not your vibe, try the skinny leather leggings to pair with a patterned sweater, oversized tee, turtleneck/tee combo for comfy look this fall.

Where to find: Target, H+M, Gap, ASOS, Forever 21

Flare/Straight Leg Jeans

If you are wanting to change it with the usual skinny jeans you may be wearing on Sunday, try flare jeans or bellbottoms for a retro twist on your outfit. For the 90’s kids, straight leg jeans are back and better than ever. Getting some some faded black or light-wash straight leg jeans to go with your plaid or layered look are perfect for shifting to fall and channeling your Nirvana-loving self or inner Spice Girl.

Where to find: Target, Levi, Buckle, American Eagle

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