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June 7, 2022

Assure Women's Center FAQs


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This year for our City Girl Night Out, we are holding a formal event and silent auction fundraiser for a local organization called Assure Women's Center.

What is Assure Women's Center?

Assure Women's Center was founded in 1985 in Omaha, NE. They have always been a guiding light for mothers across the Omaha metro area. They are a pro-life, Christian ministry. They currently have two locations in North Omaha and West Omaha. Their mission statement is as follows: 

"To be the first step for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, transforming their fear into confidence by addressing their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, and equipping them to make healthy, life-affirming decisions."

What services do they provide?

Assure offers professional medical resources such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. They also provide testing and treatment of chlamydia and testing for gonorrhea. They even offer parenting classes for new parents and healing classes for women who have had an abortion. Assure provides education on abortion, adoption, and parenting so every woman is empowered to make an educated decision on her next steps going forward. Any woman needing pregnancy resources can make an appointment at no cost to her. All of their services are completely free, private, and confidential. For more information about this ministry, check out their website here!

Why does My City Church support this ministry?

My City Church supports Assure Women's Center because they are unapologetically pro-life and they are open about their mission and beliefs. Our country is currently facing a critical decision to keep or overturn Roe v. Wade. If overturned, this means that abortion would not be legal nationwide. Instead, it would be up to each state to make laws concerning banning or allowing abortion under certain circumstances. In Nebraska, abortion would only be illegal if a fetus is considered viable, if a fetus is 20 weeks or older, and partial-birth abortions would be illegal. In light of this, Assure is preparing to serve more patients. Therefore, they will need more support financially to meet the growing needs of the mothers in our community.

How can I support this ministry?

There are many ways you can support Assure Women's Center. You can give financially or collect baby items for their "baby boutique," you can serve at their clinic/s as a volunteer on site, pray for the success of this ministry, and you can refer women facing unplanned pregnancies, new parents for their parenting classes, and women who have had an abortion for their healing classes. One of the best ways you can support this ministry in the immediate future is by registering for our City Girl Night Out! Here are the details for this amazing event:

City Girl Night Out!

What: This is a Gala-Style Event for women, so grab your girlfriends and put on that fancy dress! Dinner will be provided, and there will be a silent auction sponsored by local businesses. Executive Director Toni Clarke of Assure Women's Center will be the keynote speaker for this event. Proceeds from the silent auction will go directly to the Assure Women's Center here in Omaha.

When: Friday, June 24th, 2022 from 6:00-9:30 pm

Where: Living Room at Mastercraft

1111 N 13th St., Omaha, NE 68102

Cost: $99

Register Today!
"For more than 30 years, God has trained us and prepared us for a time such as this: to be on the front lines in the battle for life with an army of supporters behind us. All glory to God!" ~ Toni Clarke
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