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September 2, 2021

Beyond Sunday: Connect-Driven In Nature


Did you know that My City Church has seven core values?

These values make up who we are as #CityChangers in Omaha, Nebraska, centering us on a common purpose and a firm foundation. This blog is part one in a series of posts that will dive into each of our core values as a church, and how you can live these out not just on a Sunday morning, but also in your workplace, household, and everyday life.


“Our passion is to connect with people. We make no apologies for being focused on reaching the lost. We go out of our way to create an atmosphere where others can belong, believe, and be transformed.”

I am a store manager at Starbucks, and I absolutely love my job. I am challenged every day to stretch and adapt. I get to support and empower my team of partners. I meet new people daily, and can make them feel seen and valued. As I stepped into this role about a year ago, I learned that really only one thing matters in my job: people.

Although I run a successful business, and that takes organization, planning, goal-setting, and analyzing, none of it matters if my team does not feel connected. More importantly, none of it matters to me if I am not bringing the light and love of Jesus into my store.

This isn’t a natural tendency. My human instincts tell me to focus on myself. To get the job done, collect my paycheck, and focus on filling my own needs and wants. So I have to ask God daily to make this an intention. A passion to connect with people. A focus on reaching the lost. Going out of my way to create an atmosphere of joy, peace, patience, kindness and connectivity.

I can’t see my role at work as just a title or a position to fill. Instead, I invite the Holy Spirit to help me see that I am sent by God every day to invest in people, to create meaningful connections, and to serve my team in humility. What would happen in your workplace if you truly believed this? That you were placed there on purpose with a purpose: to connect with people. Whether you are a manager, a teacher, a firefighter, a cashier, a receptionist, or a salesperson, you are sent by God.

This core value makes mention to a certain powerful atmosphere- one where others can belong, believe, and be transformed.

Does this only apply to the walls of our church? Of course we want people to feel this environment when they walk into My City on a Sunday morning. But you can bring that atmosphere with you to your Monday morning meetings and your lunch breaks with coworkers. Consider the impact you could have on a toxic work environment- that one you love to complain about- if you intentionally made people feel like they belong, you shared with them what you believe, and, with your words, actions, and prayers, you watched God transform them. Wow! Goodbye toxic work environment! YOU have the power to make that happen right where you are.

It's not for your glory. It's not to obtain a title or a paycheck. It's to make an eternal impact on people. Because the people that you interact with every day are looking for a Father, a Redeemer, a Provider, a Healer- and it can all start with your connection to them.

Who in your daily life are you focused on reaching? How can you create an atmosphere where the people in your world can belong, believe, and be transformed?

Take a moment to reflect and ask the Holy Spirit to place in you a passion to connect with people. You have a powerful purpose right where you are at!

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