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February 9, 2023

Date Night Ideas: Winter Edition


My favorite night of the week!

My husband Austin and I have been married for over 6 years now with a 2 year old daughter and a 6 month old son. Date nights have been kept as a sacred night of the week for us, and we believe it is key to keeping relationships healthy, fun, and intimate. These dark, cold winter evenings in Nebraska can easily try to highjack the fun out of date nights, but we have gotten creative and I am excited to share our ideas with you!

In the Christmas season, there is always stopping for hot chocolate at your favorite coffee shop and going to look at Christmas lights either by foot or in your car, but what about the off season?

Best Winter Date Night Activities

1. Movie Night

My first idea is good ole movie at the movie theater! Now movies aren’t very interactive, so we suggest getting good quality time before or after the movie, but the Alamo Drafthouse in either Midtown or La Vista is such a fun cinema with unique movies and a full menu to choose from and eat while you enjoy the show!

2. Game Night

Now, my husband and I really enjoy games together, The Mark in Elkhorn is a great place for bowling as well as playing arcade games together. Medieval Putt is close to The Mark and is a fun place get some putting action on! If you’re closer to Council Bluffs, there is also a Pirate Putt, ahoy! Beercade in Benson and Beercade 2 off of South 13th is also a fun place to enjoy retro games. For a more chill experience, Spielbound Board Game Cafe is such a cozy gathering place with a huge board-game library to choose from as well as food and drinks!

3. Music Night

What about the music lovers? The Waiting Room of 14th Street as well as The Waiting Room in Benson always have some kind of show to enjoy! The Full House Bar also has karaoke if you are feeling extra adventurous, or if you and your date want to serenade each other, you could rent out a private karaoke room at Reno’s in Blackstone. For a full production, check out what’s going on at the Orpheum theater!

Other activities for date nights include axe throwing, iceskating, doing an escape room together or with another couple, and shopping together! (Shopping together is definitely not for everyone, haha)

Let’s talk FOOD!

I want to start off by saying having some date night questions ready for this part of the night can be very helpful to break the ice and engage with each other over a meal together. As far as food itself, here are some of our favorite restaurants in Omaha categorized by type of food:


Spezia, Pitch, Villagio Pizzeria, & Mangia italiana (take out only)


Mula, La Mesa, Roja's, Fuzzy Taco, & Taqueria Los Compadres


Yoshitomo, JINYA Ramen Bar, Mahalo Poke Co, & Blue Sushi


Jim & Jennie’s Greek Village


Block 16, Oscar's, Texas Roadhouse, and Don & Millie's for some really tasty (and greasy) food + $1 margaritas!

4. Stay In

Okay but what if you are snowed in, or for those with kids, you can’t find a babysitter? Fear not! Date night in’s can be super cozy and fun! This is more aimed toward married couples but once our baby goes to sleep, mom and dad come out to play (literally). We either order something in for food or make something simple together like pizza or noodles, or, if cooking is super fun for you, prepare something special together and make a night out of it! For us, after dinner we like to make a bed in our living room, play games together and then watch a movie! Popcorn and snacks for the movie is a must. You can also have a spa session and do facials together- this will for sure struck up lots of laughter!

All in all, my husband and I have found that being intentional and present for date nights have always led to the best nights together! Knowing your partner’s love language and fueling them also goes a long way for date nights so you are both able to be “filled up” and refreshed by these nights. And a pro tip- create a really fun playlist for your car rides for date nights! I hope this date night blog blesses all of you couples out there and gives you some ideas to make the most of your date nights in the midst of these cold winter evenings!

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