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21 Days Of Prayer
October 2, 2021

Day 14: Holy Spirit Power


Before we start our devotional today,

I encourage you to turn on the song “Rest On Us” by Maverick City x Upperroom. Allow the song to rest over you in the background as we pray.  These are powerful lyrics that beautifully usher us into the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“Spirit, when You move, You make my heart pound, when You fill the room. 

You're here and I know You are moving. I'm here and I know You will fill me.” 

When God created man, He created him in His image.

Blameless and holy. He created him to be in communion and relationship with God, a straight connection to the power of the Holy Spirit. Due to the fall of man, sin overpowered and severed that connection with God. Thankfully for you and I, our story doesn't end there. 

When Jesus died on the cross, He fulfilled the promise His father made. It was the redemption of the sin that caused the spiritual separation between us and our Father. He left a promise to His appointed apostles, His chosen ones. 

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8 NIV

We are his chosen ones, made in the image of God and loved by Him.

We were born to be in constant connection with God. The beautiful thing is, we don't have to live our daily lives wondering if we will receive the power of the Holy Spirit, Acts shows us that it’s not if, it’s when. 

We receive the power of the Holy Spirit the moment we accept Jesus into our hearts. This is the power that guides us into our workplaces, our homes and everyday lives. With the Holy Spirit guiding us, we can find joy in the sorrow, peace in the unknown, rest in the stress, and strength in the trials of our daily lives. 

As we continue to live in communion with God, the people around us will experience the Holy Spirit through our words, attitudes and actions.

May we be people who live on a mission to bring even if is only one person home to Jesus. 

God, thank you for creating me in your image. Thank you for restoration of the connection to you that was lost due to sin. Full of faith, I believe that your spirit lives in me, today and every day. I invite you, Holy Spirit, to guide me throughout my day.  When I am weak, you are strong. May your joy, peace, understanding, flow through me so I can be a witness for those around me to experience your goodness. We rest in your presence. Amen. 

Listen to Rest on Us by Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM

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