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21 Days Of Prayer
October 3, 2021

Day 15: #CityChangers


As Christians we are on a mission, and it’s a big one.

We are on a mission to spread the good news of Jesus, while loving people, creating disciples, and teaching them to do the same thing. Now, notice how I said “as Christians,” as opposed to “”as a church.” Make no mistake, we absolutely stand for this as a church, but there is a significance to the difference in phrasing: one emphasizes a particular organization’s responsibility, and the other emphasizes individual responsibility. 

One of the things that makes My City Church so powerful is that we understand a particular truth, that “church” is not a building, event, club, system, service, business, or anything else.


“The Church” isn’t made up of systems that help us accomplish a mission. “The Church” is made of people. Real people, with real flaws, with real lives, and most importantly - with real stories of how Jesus changed their life forever. Now when we have this moment with Jesus and he changes our lives forever, our response is pivotal. 

Before we knew Jesus, our life was about coming home to Jesus. Now that he found us, our response is to: 

1. Know and pursue Him. 

2. Make sure everybody else comes to know and has their moment with Him (because life is hard and there is a GOOD God who is for them). 

Simply put: “Love God, Love People.”

The strength of #TeamMyCity is not that we have perfect people, it’s that we have a whole lot of available (for God to use) people. People who say “i may not be able to preach a message on a stage, but i can tell my friends and co-workers about Jesus and invite them to church.” “I may not be able to play guitar or sing, but i can hold a door open and smile at people.” It’s a team full of people who understand that we all have something to offer, and that we love our city too much to not do whatever we can to serve it, and get Omaha closer to Jesus. 

1st Corinthians 15:58 MSG “With all this going for us, my dear, dear friends, stand your ground. And don’t hold back. Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for him is a waste of time or effort.”

No matter how long you’ve been going to church, no matter how qualified you feel, (as the scripture says), throw yourself into the work, and don't hold back!

From inviting your friends, to serving on a team, to attending a group, to being generous - join the team, go to another level of serving, do what you can and make a difference! YOU ARE THE CHURCH!

Jesus, thank you for coming after us and changing us forever. Lord, we pray that as we take a next step, and take our serving to the next level, that you would use us to make a difference in our worlds. I pray that we would never get caught up in thinking that the church is here to serve me, but we would remember that we are the church; that we are your people and when we make ourselves available you do miracles through us and bless us with purpose and joy beyond belief. Amen 

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