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Day 20: City Girl

Pastor Natalie

It's time to build your house. Our house.

City Girl was created to bring women together, deepen their faith, and encourage them to cheer for one another rather than tear each other down. A strong foundation has been laid, but it is time to add some walls, a roof, and all those pretty things we like to put inside our homes to complete the work.

But we must also heed the warning the book of wisdom lays out. While a wise woman builds her house, she is also the one most likely to tear it down…with her own hands. We are often our own worst enemies. Questioning and second guessing ourselves, allowing insecurities and "what ifs" reign supreme in our world. 

"The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down." Proverbs 14:1 (NIV)

Pause a moment and take stock on where you were best represented in this verse last year. Be honest with yourself, this isn’t for anyone else. Did you put your hands to work and build your house? Long-term builders would have fruit to show in their own lives, in their families, in the team or group they're involved in, and in their workplace. 

What was your year like?

Was your year a little more on the destructive side? This probably looks very inwardly focused. There may have been some fruit, but it didn’t last. Relationships may be strained. Everything might feel like a struggle. The good news is that there is a way up from both of these places. There is no shame in our past and only victory in our future when we build in God’s way. In 2022, we’re building the house of City Girl together on this mission: 

City Girl is a growing community of Holy Spirit empowered women who stand on the foundation of Christ, secure in truth and grace. A community all about activating the everyday woman to love God joyfully, love people generously, and lead confidently.

God, we thank you for the strong foundation you have built for City Girl. We pray this foundation would remain centered on you and would be felt in the personal lives of each and every City Girl. We thank you for the community of women you have brought into our lives and our church. We pray that each City Girl would walk secure because she knows your truth and has experienced your grace. This year, send us out into the City of Omaha and beyond, activated through your love and radiating the hope you bring. We thank you, God for our everyday lives and that you are walking with us always. We ask you to provide influence in every area of our lives so we can bring people home to you! This year God, we pray that every City Girl would love you joyfully, love people generously, and lead confidently each and every day. We love you, Amen!

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