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21 Days Of Prayer
October 9, 2021

Day 21: Clean Hearts & Calloused Hands

Pastor Eli

It is my hope, and my prayer, that you saw God move in your life over the past 21 days.

As we conclude our 21 Days of Prayer, I believe we are called to continue to believe for everything that we have prayed over. As the Spirit of God reminds us, let us continue to intercede on behalf of every area we covered in prayer. 

As the Church, we are called to love God and love people.

I want us to continue with what we did before, but with a new vigor. If you have grown complacent in your relationship with God, of which I have at many times in my life, it is time to get up again. Pursue the LORD with all of your heart, mind, and strength. Seek Him while He may be found. In the same manner, who in your life do you know that is going to hell? What are you doing to influence them towards Christ? Who is close to you, but far from God? Do not give up on them, do not give up on God. Remain steadfast. I love what the Psalmist says:

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalms 51:10

We must always keep these two initiatives at the forefront of our hearts.

Be open before God. Let His Spirit purify your heart. Is anything in your life off limits to God? Give it to Him. Have you grown cold in your love for people? I pray for a renewed burden for the lost. And that you would see them, with the eyes and love of God that caused Him to send His one and only Son to lay down His life for them.

LORD, I thank you that you know all things. I pray that you would search our hearts. Create in us pure hearts. Renew a steadfast spirit within us. May there be nothing off limits from you. We give our hearts over to you today. LORD, we also pray for our friends and families who do not know you. Bring them home. Use us to reach them. Break our hearts for what breaks yours. And may we live our lives, this side of heaven, doing all that we can, with calloused hands, to see those that are far from you, come home to you. Go before us LORD, and draw them unto you. AMEN.

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