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Day 9: Families & Marriages

Ps. Kelly

Our children are the Lord's

“Everything should be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14 (CEB)

How do you love and care for your family?

This is a particularly short verse to include in a devotional about Marriage and Families, but I want to lay a foundation of what marriage and family is actually built on. The culture today would have you view marriage and/or children simply for your benefit. We have unknowingly accepted this concept that “my marriage” or “my children” are possessed by ourselves, and ourselves only. Hence the ‘my’ personal pronoun. By no means are we released from the responsibility and stewardship of marriage and children blessed to us, but as believers we have surrendered our entire lives over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ; including marriage and children. Christ now has authority to tell us how to behave and what to believe in all things including marriage and family. What I fear many of us get caught up in, is forgetting that our first reflection of Christ to the world around us, and primarily to our spouse and children, is biblical "love."

May we love like Christ loved us - selflessly and sacrificially

Here, the Apostle Paul is telling Timothy in his final greetings to do all of the action items in his letter but to do them “in love.” Throughout the New Testament many things are called “useless” unless done in love, and love is depicted with sacrificial outworkings. Even unto death, like Jesus Christ. So love must be our foundation of marital union and raising children. When we view marriage as belonging to Christ, it gives us a greater sense of care and intention to the way we treat and “love” the spouse God has blessed us with. When we view the unique children bestowed upon us to care for and train in the ways of the Lord, it yet again shifts our sense of care and intention. So consider today how love is working in your marriage and in your children, and begin praying for a fresh deposit of it. 

Father, thank you for your example of love that is the bedrock to our understanding of love. May your Holy Spirit empower us today to exemplify your love to those around us. Lead us into the truth and conviction of your Word. We surrender our relationships, our marriage, and our children to the will and purpose of King Jesus. Help us, Lord, to remember who you have called us to be and how you have called us to live. We love you and thank you for all that you have blessed us with. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

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