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April 29, 2021

Dream Again: Receiving a Dream


How to Receive A Dream

It looks like chaos. Players tackling. Fans shouting. Clock ticking down. It seems like there is no rhyme or reason to the scattering happening on the field. The quarterback sends the ball flying into the air, and suddenly it all makes sense.

Every move is planned and calculated. It is all leading up to the carefully timed positioning of the receiver.


The eyes follow the soaring ball, as it passes over the disarray of helmets and war cries, and lands in the embrace of the receiver. The right place. At the right time.

When it comes to receiving the dreams God has for you, positioning is everything.

It is easy to get lost in the chaos on the field- the doubt, the failure, the pains of this world- and give up on dreaming for your future. Yet God has more for you.

He is a God of abundant dreams and visions, and He is waiting for you to posture yourself to say “yes” to all He has for you.

This positioning looks like an obedience to the sacrifices He is calling you into. It looks like a commitment to walk and speak by faith, not by sight. It looks like a daily discipline of getting into His Word and soaking in His promises. It will require your participation, but God will do most of the heavy lifting.

Believe that God speaks to you. Position your heart to receive. And then partner with Him as He accomplishes His great dream in your life.

“God is looking for people who will believe Him, trust His timing, and are open to His dreams.” Pastor Jesse Norman

Do you limit your dreams to what you see? What you alone can accomplish? What you are comfortable reaching on your own?

Because God has a much greater dream for you;
one that might be a little scary;
one that is way bigger than you;
one that will bring some pain, some failure along the way.
But when it is a dream from God, it is always worth it.

God dreams have an eternal significance. There is always a “why.” This means that when God puts a dream on your life, it will never be just about you. It will always be about serving people, leading others into the joy and grace of God, and seeing more of heaven here on earth.

Significance comes in what we plant in others, not in what we create for ourselves.

Begin asking God for this eternal perspective, this birds-eye view. To see that you play a vital role in a much larger story. He can change your mindset to see what He sees, believe what He sees, and achieve a dream through His power.

“A God dream is bigger than one person, one generation, and one lifetime.” Pastor Jesse Norman

This week we began looking into the story of Joseph, in Genesis 37. Joseph had a life full of ups and downs, but he had an incredible resilience that we can all learn from today. Although Joseph faced pain, disappointment, and unfairness, He never strayed from the powerful mindset that he is loved and favored by his father. This made all the difference in Joseph’s life. Even when his brothers plotted to kill him, even when he was sold into slavery, and even when he got thrown into prison unjustly, he faithfully walked with a confidence in God, clinging to the promise on his life.

Joseph had every right to feel sorry for himself. He had every reason to complain, to point fingers, and to give up on the dream God had for him. But he pressed on. He knew that God loved him, favored him, and created him for a purpose so much greater than his current circumstance. This conviction on the inside of Joseph put him in a position to receive a dream from God, and kept him moving forward through the hardest of times.

“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

I don’t know about you, but I could use some of Joseph’s resilience right now. The pains of 2020 have weighed heavily on my heart, and started to plant seeds of a victim mentality in my spirit. My prayers have come from a place of lack- from a belief that God might be working, but not in my life. I have started to believe that maybe He is still good and still powerful, but He can’t use my mess and my pain. So if God could just not pass me the ball, if I could just survive and avoid any big God dreams, I’ll be fine. Can you relate?

The reality is that Joseph’s resilience is not an unreachable superpower. It is entirely fostered by a choice to keep on believing that you are loved and favored by God.

Because when you are loved and favored, it changes the way you think and the way you walk. Although many of the same problems and pains may follow you into 2021, you have the ability to change your mindset, lean into God’s faithfulness, and believe He has great plans for you this year.

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