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June 6, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Internship!


Here at My City Church, one of our core values is that we are Leaders In Life.

This means that we believe in the leadership potential of every person. We take every opportunity to raise up the next generation of leaders. We are spirit empowered leaders. Leadership is not something we do, leadership is who we are.

Because we are passionate about raising up and equipping faith-filled leaders, we offer an Internship program where interns receive ministry training in their desired field, experience personal growth and develop the call of God on their life, grow as a leader, learn sound theological doctrine, and so much more.

Our very own Intern Director, Kelsey Kalinski, answered all of the questions you may have!

What is the purpose of Internship?

The internship program is all about raising up and equipping the next generation of leaders and launching them into the destiny and call that God has on their life. Whether it’s in ministry or in the marketplace, the My City Internship will challenge, grow, and empower you to be all you’re destined to be.

What areas of focus are available for the internship?

For your area of focus, you will be serving and learning in one of our departments within the church. Within that department, you will then pick a specific team or area. Here are all the options:

Operations Department

  • Events
  • Guest Experience
  • Load In/Load Out
  • I Love My City

Generations Department

  • Youth
  • Kids

Creative Department

  • Platform (Worship & Production)
  • Marketing (Communication & Digital Content)

Next Steps Department

  • Central Services
  • Groups
  • Courses
  • Next
  • Pastoral Care

What is the length of the internship?

The internship is one year long. After you finish the First Year, a Second Year program is available by invitation only, which is also one year long.

Who can do Internship?

The internship is for you if you are over the age of 18 and are looking for a hands-on approach to furthering the call of God on your life. You have a personal relationship with Jesus and agree with the My City Church mission, vision, and values. You are someone that's ready to dive all-in to what God wants to do in and through you. You have a passion for the Church and discovering purpose that has been placed on your life, but you don't quite know what you're called to yet-- this is a perfect place to be when starting the internship, because it's something that will be discovered during the course of the year.

What are the requirements of an Intern?

Interns are held at a biblical and moral standard as they seek and growth in their personal relationship with God and represent My City Church. Other requirements include attending and serving during Sunday Services, attending leadership and team meetings in their department, leading a Group, attending men’s or women’s prayer, and having an ALL-IN spirit for all Church events and conferences. There are also assignments that are required to be completed to fulfill your bible college comprehension.

Will I be on my own?

We don’t believe life should be done alone so this program isn’t done alone either. You will become a part of the internship family as you join the other interns who are a part of your intake and the interns who started in the intake 6 months prior to you. While our first year and second year interns take separate courses, we all come together for prayer, leadership development, and ministry training. You are also surrounded by amazing Pastors and Directors at My City Church who are there to challenge, encourage, and assist you to keep pursuing the call of God on your life.

What does a typical week look like?

Every Tuesday is INTERN DAY! All the interns meet at My City HQ at 8:00 AM. We begin our day with personal prayer. We then grow in our leadership by hearing a teaching from our pastoral staff. Then it’s time for C3 College! We spend time together studying and learning how to understand and apply biblical leadership principles through the New Testament, Old Testament, and other teachings about faith, identity in Christ, moving in the Holy Spirit, and sound Christian doctrine. We then spend our entire Tuesday afternoons working alongside the other interns to make our departments and church function in excellence!

What can I expect to gain from Internship?

The most important take-away from this internship is the amount of growth you will achieve after devoting a year to learning and developing the call of God on your life through personal prayer, ministry training, and Godly community. Our first year interns receive a certificate of completion from My City Church. Our second year interns receive a Certificate of Ministry from C3 College and a certificate of completion from My City Church. Both programs are accredited through Transworld Accrediting International.

How many hours per week are expected?

Every intern puts in 16 hours a week. Eight hours are spent on Tuesday at HQ with all of the rest of the interns and staff. The second eight hours are split up and determined by your direct reports in order to best serve your department.

Where will my internship be?

My City HQ (4859 S 97th Street, Omaha, NE 68127)

Are there any special benefits of an internship?

The community you will gain from being apart of this program is out of this world! We celebrate constantly. This program isn’t all tasks! We never forget to spend time together outside of learning and gaining ministry experience.

One of the best ways we do this is during our intern retreat! We spend an entire week together camping, fishing, and hanging out in Minnesota. Every intern gets to attend this retreat (and you get to do it twice if you become a second year intern!).

Where can I find out more information about Internship?

Learn more about the My City Internship here or email the Intern Director at!

The intern intake process for July is in full swing– Reach out to Kelsey Kalinski at the email address above if you’re interested or have anymore questions.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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