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June 27, 2021

Faith In The Workplace


We’ve all been there.

Our alarm clock goes off, signaling the work day ahead of us. This can bring feelings of dread, stress, anxiety. But nonetheless, you force yourself to get up, only viewing work as something to quickly get over with, looking forward to the plans you have later that night.

Genesis 1, the first book of the entire Bible, speaks of the creation. It is a beautiful, yet mind-boggling chapter about how God spoke everything into existence. Quickly followed by that, God gives Adam a job.

"The Lord God took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden to work it and watch over it." Genesis 2:15 (CSB)

Think about that for a moment.

Almost immediately after the man was spoken into existence, God placed him in the garden to work. Now, that may seem a little rushed. But what if God’s desire for humanity was for us to create, just like He did in Genesis 1?

By being image-bearers of the Lord, we are to mimic Him with our work.

Now, you may be rolling your eyes, thinking this isn’t what your kind of work is like. Maybe you’re a salesman, an engineer, a teacher, a cashier, or a barista. Maybe you’re thinking about your boss, and how crazy he/she is. Regardless of what job title you hold, and how crazy your boss may be, God desires for his children to work, to create, to produce.

God desires for his children to work, to create, to produce.

It can be so easy to view our job as nothing more than… a job. I know I’ve done it. I’ve shown up half awake, barely making eye contact with coworkers, already counting down the minutes until I’m off. It’s hard to view work as meaningful, yet it is. Your 9-5 matters. Most importantly, who you are during the 9-5 matters.

"Whatever you do, do it from the heart, as something done for the Lord and not for people, knowing that you will receive the reward of an inheritance from the Lord. You serve the Lord Christ." Colossians 3:23-24 (CSB)

We have options. We can show up and just work, or we can partner with God. When we align ourselves with God, we become his coworkers. It’s not just about making money anymore, it’s about seeing the opportunities presented to us everyday. Gossip, negativity, and laziness are common in the workplace. More often than not, work can be draining. But we, as coworkers of Christ, don’t have to participate in the drain. We have the power to shift the environment, speaking and acting in love and grace, rather than harshness and impatience. We can choose to assume the best in others, instead of magnifying their flaws. We can choose to view work as an opportunity for growth and purpose, instead of just a way of making means.

We can show up and just work, or we can partner with God.

"Let the favor of the Lord our God be on us, establish for us the work of our hands." Psalm 90:17 (CSB)

So the next time our alarm clocks go off, signaling yet another work day, let’s check our hearts. Before we allow dread and anxiety to greet us, let’s align ourselves with God, moving forward in love and joy. One practical, simple way to kickstart our day is thankfulness. We can thank God for the breath in our lungs, the coffee in our hand, the sun shining through the windows. This will set the tone for the day as we begin to partner ourselves with God and his goodness.

By shifting our perspectives, we can see work for what it really is: a part of God’s design for humanity.

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