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April 6, 2022

Family Fun Activities: Spring Edition!


Spring is officially here!

But if you also live in Nebraska, Spring means the weather can be a blizzard one day, and 80 degrees and sunny the next. I will be keeping our indecisive weather in mind while sharing some fun activities for your family to enjoy this Spring!

Whether it rains, snows, or shines bright, we have some great Spring activities for you and your family!

"The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." ~ Harriet Ann Jacobs

1) Family Spring Cleaning!

If you’ve got kiddos, they most likely enjoy getting their hands dirty so why not let them help you get your yard ready for spring! On the nice days we’ve had so far, my one year old has really loved “helping” me clear away dead leaves and plants to let new life grow. Or, on not so nice days, get the inside of your home looking and feeling like spring by getting the whole family involved. I believe you can make anything fun so pass along some gloves and shovels for some outdoor clean up or staying inside, blast some music, and get your home ready for spring together!

2) Pick, Plant, and Grow!

Okay, now onto some actual activities that don’t involve cleaning. Getting your family together and heading to your favorite nursery to pick out new spring flowers and plants for your home can be really fun! You can also get some herbs and vegetables to grow and involve your kids in the maintenance process throughout the spring and summertime. Going to your favorite decoration store and picking out some fresh spring decor is also an activity that can be enjoyed on those cold, rainy days!

3) Park & Picnic Fun!

One of my favorite things in the world is food. Picnics involve food. On those beautiful days, my family likes to pack or order some food, find a lake or park, and enjoy the weather while eating some food together! On those not so beautiful days, going to your favorite family restaurant is also a treat any time of the year.

4) Inside Fun!

Other activities for those gloomy days if you have little ones can be a trip to the mall. Most malls have play areas for kids and there’s always food and something new to see! Village Pointe has a Ferris wheel and the option to walk around outside or inside to shop. Most malls also have movie theaters so seeing a movie together as a family is always a blast. Making a fort inside your home, making pizza together, playing board games, and watching movies is always a fun option as well!

5)  Outside Fun!

There is always the Henry Doorly Zoo that offers outdoor and indoor activities as well as the Omaha Children’s Museum. Those can be costly though so something as simple as going for a walk or playing outside together as a family can be just as fun on the nice days we have to look forward to! A nice backyard grill out or having a bonfire as a family in the cool evenings are also so fun and relaxing.

However you spend this spring, I am praying for quality time for you and your family, and for no seasonal allergies, in Jesus name!

Happy Spring!
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