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May 6, 2021

Five Mother's Day Gift Ideas!


Still looking for that perfect gift?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Wondering what you could possibly buy for someone who means more than what a simple gift could offer? Well, this quick list will help you find a gift that every mom will love! Happy shopping Omaha fam!

Charcuterie Board

I know you might be thinking, “She already has a charcuterie board!” But guess what: no one is going to turn down a charcuterie board – especially one that has all the accessories to go with it! If you want to compete with the best of the best charcuterie masters here in Omaha (shout out to Lexi Rexius & Mariah Clausen!), then you’re going to need MULTIPLE boards to step up your hosting game. This is a gift for mothers of all ages! You can find charcuterie boards almost anywhere, but my favorite places to shop are at HomeGoods, Etsy, & Amazon! Some local places you can purchase are from enGrained, Artisan Boards of Omaha, and Leaf & Knot! This one from Amazon also has great reviews with all the bells and whistles (and two day shipping with Prime)!

Air Fryer

I personally do not own an air fryer, but boy these things are all the craze! Much like when I first saw the Instant Pot, I was equally fascinated and incredibly intimidated. But you moms would easily pick up on how to use this gadget for all your food favorites! You can basically air fry anything – chicken, fries, homemade chips (kale, sweet potato, pickle, etc.), ravioli, and even some baked goods! You can find these in Omaha at Walmart, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, and online at Amazon! Spice up your kitchen with this new gadget!

Ember Mug2

IYKYK. This product changed my life. How many of you regularly warm up your coffee in the microwave? And yet each time you reheat your beverage it tastes progressively worse? Well now those days are in the past with this battery operated mug that keeps your beverage at the exact temperature you want for up to 90 MINUTES! And if you keep your Ember Mug2 on the coaster while it’s plugged in, it will literally stay warm forever. This is the ultimate 1st world problem life hack. It is not a cheap convenience per say, but it is worth every penny. Trust me, the mom in your life will LOVE IT! You can find this in Omaha at Target!


If you are really getting stuck with what to get, just know this: personalizing ANY gift will make it 1000x more thoughtful and special! Whether it be a personalized necklace with the names of her children, a personalized family sign for the living room, or a personalized picture frame, puzzle, bathrobe, blanket, scrapbook, photo album, etc.! I know my mom STILL loves homemade cards made out of printer paper and colored pencils…so don’t underestimate even the simplest gift! We have some incredibly talented Omaha artists here at My City Church who could definitely hook you up as well (shout out to Jordyn Kirkle, Emma Bosco, Grace Wagner, & Cari Coakley)! Some great websites to shop for personalized gifts would definitely be Etsy, Shutterfly, and Uncommon Goods!

Bouquet of Flowers

And if all else fails, tell me, who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet of flowers?! Every time I have ever seen my mom receive flowers, she instantly beams from ear to ear. And I don’t know about you, but that kind of response is what makes giving gifts all worth it. So even if you have already gotten your mom a gift… just get her some flowers, too. She deserves it!

To all you moms out there: thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice, your tenderness, your generosity, your selflessness, your patience, your kindness, and your Christ-like love. This Mother’s Day, we here at My City Church hope you feel loved and appreciated for everything you do and for the beautiful woman you are!

You are worth celebrating, so enjoy this special day made just for you!

And if you don’t receive one of these gifts on this guide…you have my permission: Go treat yo’self. 😉

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