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April 27, 2022

For all the Golfers...

Ps. Danny

I know I am not the only golfer who has said, “I think I figured it out” when it comes to my swing.

The amount of YouTube videos and blogs I have read on how to have the perfect swing is more than I would like to admit. I have watched videos on how to fix my slice, what type of grip I should have on the club, how to create a draw, and even how to wear your glove. But with as many videos that I have watched, I am still not a pro golfer. I still slice, I still chunk it, I still top it down the rough.

Now, I may not be a pro when it comes to my swing, but I have for sure put in my hours here in Omaha when it comes to spending time on the courses. I have played at every course within a 20-mile radius of the city, and I am going to give you a list of my top five Omaha golf courses (that we can play).

5. Bay Hills – Plattsmouth

Bay Hills is about a 20 minute drive south of Omaha. It is a beautiful course with tight lies and semi difficult green locations. What I love about this course is it lives up to its name and has a decent amount of hills. Rarely do you find yourself with an even lie. If you’re anything like me, you are for sure going to want a cart for this course, especially if you are playing in the summer. With its dense tree coverage around the course, you rarely get the refreshing gust of wind - and on a typical Nebraska summer day, you will be sweating through your polo with the amount of humidity you’ll experience.

4. Eagle Hills

I have a love-hate relationship with Eagle Hills. The front nine and the back nine are like playing two completely different courses. The front nine is relatively easy. Wide open fairways and simple approach shots should leave you feeling pretty good at the end of the front nine. At the turn you get your hotdog and continue on ready to conquer the rest of the course only to be completely demoralized by the back nine. The tee shots are so tight you have to channel your inner Tiger Woods and hit the spots without fail. On the par 5s, you typically have to lay up once or twice before taking a confident try at the green. If you like a challenge, Eagle Hills is the course for you.

3. Johnny Goodman

Johnny Goodman is a fantastic course that I have little to no complaints about. The condition of the course throughout the summer is always fantastic. The greens feel like the perfect speed and the fairways are as green as can be. You should be able to hit the fairway pretty easily, but even in the rough, you may have a good look to hit the green in regulation. In my opinion, this is the best of the Omaha public golf courses.

2. Tara Hills

Tara Hills is my favorite course in Omaha and comes in second only because of the lack of variety. The fairways are great, and 9 times out of 10 you should be on the green and putting for birdie. The Par 5, 12th is my favorite hole on the course with the ever intimidating tee shot over the water. The water in theory should be completely out of play with a standard tee shot, but no less daunting. You have a long second shot to the green, but fortune favors the bold on this course. You could possibly reach some of the greens on shorter Par 4s to give you a good eagle opportunity. My only complaint with the course is that they pulled the worst move in golf and aerated the greens during Masters weekend…

And the winner goes to...

1. Tiburon

I have played Tiburon the most of any course here in Omaha because my little brother has worked there and we would get on and play after his shifts all the time. Tiburon offers 27 holes (Three 9 Hole Courses) and each one of them play a little different than the rest but ALL of them have the threat of water threaded through out the course. Arguably the best hole is on the course is Hole 3 on Hammerhead. You have a tight uphill tee shot with very little margin for error. Your second shot is all downhill over water to a large inviting green. But you have to be careful - too short and you're bound to be swimming with the sharks.

Now that I've narrowed it down for you, you can start planning your next hang with the bros at one of these golf courses this Spring and Summer!

It's Tee Time
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