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November 16, 2021

Life is Gourd: Happy Turkey


Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Next week, we will be gathered around the table with our families, sharing a meal and giving thanks. And my third and final idea for this series, "Life Is Gourd," is easy and from the heart.

Give thanks.

Getting to know your children can be hard! Normally, when you ask them about their day and, you get: “Fine.” “I don’t know.” “Recess.” Our they'll say, "It was school" as an answer. So, help them to communicate with you. We have all done the fun turkey hands in school. Now, up the scale and make cookie turkeys. Now, these will not look like turkeys. There are just cookies. You can make them however you want or you guys can go to the store and buy them. Simply do whatever you have the time and space for!

The concept of the “Turkey Cookie” is a physical way to show someone that you or your kids are thankful for them for being in your world.

Together you make or buy the cookies. Then, you'll each pick a person that you are thankful for; your friends, your boss, their friends or their teachers. Then you deliver those cookies. Talk in the car about why have chosen them. If you have multiple kids, designate one of them to say thank you and the other to give the cookies to that person so that each of them feel included and take part in giving thanks for someone.

This lesson will teach gratitude, humbleness, teamwork, and the importance of community.

They'll learn the importance of loving people. Plus, you never know who needs a plate of cookies!

I hope you have had as much fun reading this series as I have had writing it! I hope that these ideas have been helpful and fun, and I pray that this fall season has brought joy and warmth.

Hug your kids and remind them that you are the most thankful for them, and enjoy this season of thanks and beauty.

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