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August 31, 2021

Longing for Fall


Picture this –

You wake up on a Saturday morning in Omaha, Nebraska, to hear the birds chirping through the window you cracked last night because it was a little chilly outside. You slip on your favorite slippers and a sweatshirt; you haven’t yet turned on the heat in your home this season. Shuffling to the kitchen, you make yourself a big cup of pumpkin flavored coffee and throw ingredients into a crockpot for chili to eat later this afternoon during the football game. You step outside to soak in some of the sun, take in the beautiful colors of the trees, wave to the neighbors walking their dog, and take a deep breath of the crisp fall air….

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And then you wake up.

And you remember that it isn’t the glorious fall weather outside you hoped for. Oh no. It is actually the most humid day of the year and warmer than any day in July. You think to yourself, why? Why isn’t it fall yet? Why does the Midwest summer seem to go on and on and on…

How do you survive this never-ending summer when all you want is cozy, Fall everything?! Well, here are a couple practical (and impractical) ways to curb your autumn craving until Mother Nature decides to grace us with cool weather.

Light some candles.

Candles are one of the easiest ways to usher a new season into your home. Whether that be Apple Pie, Cinnamon Chai, or, my favorite, Pumpkin Spice. The way your sense of smell is wired to your brain is more unique than any of your other senses. One whiff of cinnamon can bring forth many memories of autumn activities to help remind you of what is to come. I would suggest stopping into Kirkland’s at 120th & L and buying a couple of different scents for different rooms in your home.

Break out your fall decorations.

Listen, there isn’t some “magic” day that you have to wait to decorate for fall, so just do it! If it brings you joy to look at pumpkins, fake leaves, and warm colors, even when it is 90 degrees outside, you should get out all of your décor. My favorite is to put a big, beautiful wreath on my front door, so every time I come home, I am reminded of what is inside and what is to come. Run by Joann’s craft store and pick out a wreath from their large selection. No matter what color scheme or theme you have chosen, they are bound to have something for you!

Bake all of the things.

There is nothing better than making fall goodies to get you in the autumn mood! Not only do you get to enjoy warm and delicious baked bread or pumpkin muffins for yourself, but you can give the gift of fall to others, by taking them to your Group or to church on Sunday. Check out our earlier blog post “Beginner’s Guide to Apple Pie” or wander over to Pinterest and search “fall food goodies”.

Drink the fall flavors.

You can best believe that as soon as the pumpkin-flavored goodies came out in the grocery stores, I was the first to buy them! This is such an easy way to make your taste-buds happy and cause all of the fall-endorphins to bring a smile to your face. Pick-up flavored coffee or creamer at the grocery store or make a pit-stop at Stories Coffee Company at 114th and Dodge for all of their fall-inspired drinks (the Carmel Apple Cold Brew is my favorite!). Check out our previous blog, "A Barista's Guide To Local Coffee," to find a list of local coffee shops, and then stop in or check social media to see their fall menus!

Turn down the temp.

Here is my one impractical tip. If you have done all of the above, and you still don't have that fall feeling, turn your air conditioning to 60 degrees and throw on a comfy sweater. Pretend your windows are open and there is a chill in the air. Be warned, your roommates/spouse/electrical bill might not enjoy this tip! Desperate times call for desperate measures, but consider doing this only for one morning or afternoon.

Every year, we go through this period in which we are ready for autumn before the temperature fall and the leaves change colors, ready to put away the shorts and breakout the sweaters. What better way to get into the spirit of autumn by preparing your home and heart for the coming season.

“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” Friedrich Nietzsche
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