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May 12, 2022

Ministry Begins at Home


Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding “jobs” in the world.

Not only that, but we tend to put intense amounts of pressure on ourselves to be “the best” parents and then so easily get disappointed in ourselves when we feel as if we fall short. And to add another layer to that- CHRISTIAN parents especially put pressure on themselves to make sure their kids know who Jesus is at the youngest age possible. From one mother to another, this does not need to feel like another added stressor. This ought to be the most humbling and greatest opportunity we have as parents! Starting by giving ourselves grace is a wonderful place to start.

Here are some practical and authentic ways to make Christ ALIVE in our homes!

Firstly, our personal time with Jesus and being in the Word is where it all begins. For me, before I even get out of my bed, I have developed the discipline to pray and read scripture to set my heart for the day. Even if its 5-10 minutes, this equips me and gets me aligned with God before I have any interaction with my husband or child. (I have personally found this is how I am able to continuously give from a full cup, and I incorporate several small, but intimate moments with the Lord throughout my day.) BUT I have also found it extremely beneficial to also pray, read my bible, and journal WITH my child around. Most of the time I am interrupted and cut off, but it is a great opportunity for our little ones to witness first hand what it means to have a relationship with Jesus and also be in pursuit of Christ. It also opens doors for them to ask questions, and it gives an opportunity for us to teach them about Jesus. My daughter is 16 months old, and whenever I have my bible out she says, “Jesus!” and lifts her little arms to the sky. She also finishes prayers with “Amen!”

Simply leading by example is extremely effective to help our impressionable little ones know Christ.

Being intentional and putting Christ into my daily routine with my child has also helped her know who Jesus is (before Mickey Mouse). Now, I’m a stay at home mom so this may be a bit easier for me than others, but I believe incorporating intentional Jesus- focused time is something doable for most families! For example, we always listen to worship music together at breakfast time. We have listened to and/or watched worship videos together either during or after breakfast ever since she was born, and this girl knows how to worship! This can be a really fun activity to add wherever it fits best into your family’s day. Another great activity is reading children’s bible stories, devotionals, and books together. We have incorporated this into our bedtime routine with our child as well as praying with her and in front of her at specific times during the day.

Of course, getting your children to church and getting them in Christ-centered community is essential to helping them build their faith and learn about Christ, but having Jesus alive in our homes and in our everyday lives is what will develop a strong foundation for them! This truly begins with us as their parents having that foundation for ourselves. This doesn’t have to be forced - it should be fun and authentic! We all have such a uniquely beautiful relationship with God, and simply allowing our children to witness that authentic connection regularly is what will inspire a true and healthy relationship with Christ to flourish in them as well. So no more pressure or stress to “push” Jesus on our kids - just a bit of intentionality and a whole lot of genuine connection with Christ is all it takes to make Christ ALIVE in our homes, within us, and in the hearts of our children! For me, these small intentional moments have been such a good “fight” to fight for every day and it has brought me closer to Jesus in so many ways!

All that to say, “It takes a village!” We as parents need community and guidance. My City Church has family groups and even parenting courses to equip us for this good fight!

Find a group HERE and check out the parenting course HERE!
Check out the podcast below!

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