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May 24, 2021

My City Courses


SZN 2 in our church is in full swing, which means that Courses begin next week!

Have you been looking for ways to grow closer to God, to your spouse, or have better financial stability? Are you searching for churches in Omaha that will activate you to live to the full potential that God sees in you? One of our Courses coaches and facilitators of Freedom Course, Mistie Clark, took the time to answers some questions you may have about My City Courses, and how they will help you succeed in life! 

What are Courses?

Courses are classes that happen every Group Week. They are strategic to help you grow in your faith and find freedom in many areas; spiritual, financial, and relational to name a few. Courses help people find success in their Christian walk by giving tools to navigate different aspects of their lives.

picture of the book fight your way to a better marriage by dr. greg smalley

What types can I take?

We offer six different courses here at My City Church. These are: Marriage Course, Freedom Course, Pre-Marriage Course, Following Jesus, Authentic Manhood, and Financial Peace Course. Whatever season of life you’re in, whatever you’re walking through, we have a course for you.

Who can take these courses?

There is a course for everyone here at My City Church! Marriage and Pre-Marriage courses are for couples to find solutions, prepare and grow within their relationships. The Freedom Course helps people overcome spiritual warfare in their lives and understand the authority they have in Christ. Financial Peace is a course that allows people to overcome financial stress and understand how God intends our finances to look and function. Following Jesus is a course that brings us back to the basics of living a life for Christ, and while it is especially geared towards new believers, it open to and would be fruitful for any Christian, at any stage of their walk with Christ.

We also have a new course launching this SZN: Authentic Manhood. This course is built out to equip the males of our church. It will help guide men to walk in the authority and calling God had intended from the beginning.

What can I expect to gain from taking a Course?

There is so much to gain from Courses here at My City Church! Have you ever struggled with financial debt? We have a course to help you gain knowledge and equip you to get out of debt. Have you ever struggled with depression, anxiety or spiritual bondage? We have a course to teach how to utilize your authority in Christ that Jesus secured for you. Is your marriage struggling or lacking intimacy? We have a course to help your marriage go from surviving to thriving. Are you engaged and want to learn more about what your relationship will look like when you’re married? Then our pre-marriage course is perfect for you.

How do I sign up?

We try to make signups as quick and convenient as possible. You can follow this link to sign up for any of our courses here at My City Church, in Omaha, Nebraska.

I still have questions. What do I do?

That is totally okay! Feel free to contact us (402) 302-3180 or send us an email at hello@mycitychurch.cc. You can also contact us here.

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