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October 15, 2021

The Unshakable Woman

Cari Elana

Tomorrow is the beginning of a weekend we have been long preparing for.

Tomorrow into the following days, there are lives that will be forever changed. There will be breakthrough. There will be chains broken for good. There will be a new revelation of God and the women He has created us to be. There will be a deposit of an Unshakable spirit into our hearts.

But who is the Unshakable woman?

In order to better prepare your hearts for the weekend ahead, the women Pastors of our church took the time to write their definition of “The Unshakable Woman.”

"The Unshakable woman is founded upon the truth of Christ, empowered by the Spirit, and long-lasting in her mission.

Upon a conviction of who Jesus is, she is transformed into a righteous identity and motivated to a righteous activity. She serves as a queen and a priestess under the Lord. The time is now for an unshakable woman to conquer this world." - Pastor Kelly Nelson

"The Unshakable woman is one who is rooted and grounded in her relationship with Christ. She is steadfast in her pursuit after Christ and desires to be renewed and refreshed daily. She is not swayed by the trials of life and is confident in who she is in Christ." - Pastor Rachael Stackhouse

"The Unshakable Woman stands in the gap for the vulnerable.

Because of her strong foundation in Christ, she sees the unseen, speaks up for the voiceless, and brings the lonely into her family. Through her, God brings His good works to fruition on this earth." - Pastor Natalie Wallace

"The Unshakable woman is confident in her convictions. She stands firm on the solid foundation that Jesus has set her on, and is resilient in everything she pursues. With anything she is up against, her eyes are focused on Jesus. She is strong and bold because she is Unshakable." - Pastor Jordyn Kirkle

"The Unshakable woman is not tossed and turned by the waves of life.

Her foundation is rooted in Jesus in every season. She operates with truth and grace while partnering with the Holy Spirit. Her convictions do not get compromised. She arises when she faces a lion, knowing that she doesn’t have to fight alone and if she falls, she can and will get back up through relying on Jesus and her community. As her relationship with Jesus continues to grow and flourish, she brings others along on the journey, pointing them to Christ." - Pastor Andrea Reale

"The Unshakable woman embodies the joy of the Lord, which is her strength. She stares into the face of adversity with peace in her spirit and confidence in her heart, knowing the foundation she stands upon is firm and secure in Christ. She does not worry or stress about the seasons of life because at her core she knows God is her ultimate provider. An unshakable woman has deeply rooted, Godly convictions that shape her life and she refuses to let the world define her worth." - Pastor Hannah Lee

The Unshakable women is bold in her faith but tender at heart. She steps forward in faith, while anchored in grace. A woman who rises up, leaving others attracted to her strength, and at peace in her presence. - Pastor Abby Deidel

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