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May 11, 2021

This is MOM-ing: Welcome


Well, it's 9 p.m. and I FINALLY just got my little down to sleep.

I have maybe 3 hours before he is up again so LET’S GET TO IT.

Welcome to “This is MOM-ing”.

This is where you will find my real life, “non-Instagram-worthy” highlight reel as a mama. This message is brought to you from my couch, with hair that has not been washed in 5 days (nope, not exaggerating), in my sweatpants that have yet another snot smear, as I pray my tiny human stays asleep long enough for me to write.

This is Rowen James Venegas, my very best friend.

He is 15 months old, loves to walk everywhere, LOVES to take baths, enjoys trying new foods, and has the brightest lil’ smile.

cute baby walking outside of omaha christian church

Becoming a mom has truly been one of God’s greatest blessings (along with meeting and marrying the man of my dreams). I wish I could put into words what it feels like to hold the little life you grew and carried for so long for the first time, but it is almost impossible to express the kind of love you never knew existed until then. Being a mom has given me more purpose than ever before, and I wouldn’t trade if for the world. WITH ALL OF THAT BEING SAID: MOM-ing is HARD.

Being a mom has given me more purpose than ever before, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
family smiling outside of omaha church in omaha nebraska

I have been longing for an outlet to express the roller coaster of emotions that come with parenthood and HERE WE ARE! I will be to sharing about my day, both the good and the crazy, just to give a glimpse into my world with Rowen. I love to craft, get outside, and cook in the kitchen with him. I also have about 3 mental breakdowns a day from all of the laundry and dishes that pile up in our home while doing our fun activities. And something very near and dear to my heart: sharing about postpartum depression and how to OVERCOME it through the gentle goodness of God.

Follow along with my mama blog to hear about my daily adventures! MOM-ing can feel like the most challenging journey but know you are never alone. My hope is to see a community of Omaha mamas come together through this, sharing advice, testimonies, and support towards one another.


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