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May 22, 2022

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Thrifting Trip!


Did someone say, "thrift shop?!"

Thrift shopping has become more popular over the past few years, and with good reason. It’s fun, affordable, and good for the planet! But thrifting can also be inconvenient or discouraging. I often hear people say they can never find anything, but my hope is that this blog will give you the encouragement to dig in and find those hidden gems!

1. Keep your eyes out for prints and textures.

Walking into a thrift store can be overwhelming, so when I walk in and start to look through, I only take a second look at the prints and textures I like. In clothing, I look for olive green, black, denim, and florals. In household goods, I hunt for wicker, glass, and vintage vibes. This saves me loads of time sorting through each and every item that may not match my style.

2. Don’t get too caught up in clothing sizes.

In a regular store, it makes sense to only look in the area labeled for your size. But in thrift stores, I look in every section because it is rare that you’ll find the perfect item in the perfect size. Because of the various brands and styles of the clothing found in thrift and consignment stores, often a size up or down will fit. Even so, cozy and over-sized clothing is in right now!

3. Think outside the box.

The reality of a thrift store is that all the products were once loved, but have now been given up. So not everything will be beautiful and golden. Let your creativity lead you to look at an item and see it not just for what it is, but for what it could be. One of my favorite thrift finds is an old wicker stool that looked a little beaten down, certainly not strong enough to be sat in. But I took it home and used it as a plant stand for a snake plant. Don’t reject something right away just because it may not be perfect - get creative!

4. Love it or leave it.

Although you should keep an open mind, don’t just buy something because it’s cheap. There are lots of opportunities in all the items in a thrift shop, and the low prices may seem tempting. But if you can’t picture yourself in the outfit or you have no idea how to style that piece of furniture, leave it for the next shopper. Besides, buying something and never using it defeats the purpose of eco-friendly shopping!

5. Be patient and consistent.

One of the main reasons people avoid thrifting is because of the time it sometimes requires. If I am in need a specific dress or a pair of shorts for a vacation, it’s easier to run to the mall than to hunt through Plato’s Closet or Thrift World. But I give myself a week and a couple trips to the thrift store and it is always worth the wait. Grab an iced coffee and allow yourself the time to sift through the racks, you will find that piece you’re looking for!

Thrifting can be exciting and rewarding. It is an important step each of us can take to eliminate some of the waste and pollution in our planet. And nothing is quite like scoring that perfect thrifted item! Some of my favorite places are Goodwill, Thrift World, Plato’s Closet, Scout, and Facebook Marketplace.

Happy thrifting!
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