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September 27, 2021

When Opportunity Stops Knocking


Do you know what kind of season you're in?

Yesterday, Pastor Eli preached a convicting message out of 2 Kings. He talked about not letting opportunities pass us by, the importance of knowing what season of life we are in, and how to fully walk in God’s plans for us by using and seeking wisdom.

Pastor Eli opened up his message with 2 Kings 13:17. The prophet Elisha was dying and had given his final prophecy to his son, Jehoash. He instructed him to take a bow and shoot it out the window. Elisha then prophesied that Jehoash would have victory in battle against the Arameans. This paints a picture of how God instructs us as we are given opportunities. Jehoash was distraught that his father was sick and dying yet Elisha instructed him regardless of his emotions or situation.

In order to live the life God is calling us to, we must stop weeping over lost dreams and what we do not have.

Staying stuck in the past or having a victim-mentality ultimately makes us miss out on the glorious future God has for us! Especially with COVID changing the lives of many for almost 2 years now, it can be easy to focus on missed opportunities and to lose hope in the future. The greatest way to find hope in our future is to review our victories in Christ! He has won so many battles for us! He has brought us through so much and is so faithful. God wants us to live from victory, not for victory. He wants us to see it before we can seize it. This is what is means to have faith.

Then he said, “Take the arrows,” and the king took them. Elisha told him, “Strike the ground.” He struck it three times and stopped. The man of God was angry with him and said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times; then you would have defeated Aram and completely destroyed it. But now you will defeat it only three times.” 2 Kings 13:18-19

When God calls us to something, He will give us the instructions on what to do.

But if the instructions stop, that doesn't mean we should stop what we're doing. We should continue until we see the promise come to pass.

By seeking wisdom and counsel, the demands of our lives will be determined. This is why it is so important to know what season of life we are in- based upon the season, God may be trying to teach us how to fight, how to run, or how to be still. God wants us to be people who seize all of the opportunities that come our way! In doing this, we will use all of our God-given potential rather than die with it still within us. The scripture above shows that when we give up before God gives us permission to, we lose out on the victory, blessing, abundance, and favor God had for us if we were to just keep going.

So Pastor Eli convicted us all with the question: “What have you stopped that God never gave you permission to stop?”

This question stirred in my heart and I know others felt it too. There are many things that cause us to give up such as fear, insecurity, feeling of lack, and our mindsets. As we seek wisdom in our God-given opportunities, we will see that everything we need to succeed is in arms reach. When we place our hands upon the thing God calls us to do, He will also place HIS hands upon ours!

“Take the bow in your hands,” he said to the king of Israel. When he had taken it, Elisha put his hands on the king’s hands.” 2 Kings 13:16

With our confidence in God’s hands on us as we seize opportunity, anything holding us back fades away.


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