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September 8, 2021

You Asked For It: The Double-Minded Miracle


What does the church say about unanswered prayer? 

This week, Pastor Eli dove into the question I’m sure everyone has asked at some point in their life: What do I do when my deliverance turns into disappointment?

We have all been there: praying in desperation for God to move in that relationship, that financial situation, or that sickness. It can feel like no matter how loudly or fiercely we’re praying, we still don’t see God saving us from our circumstance. Sometimes, that marriage is not restored, that job does not come through, or that family member does not get healed.

So how do we pray through and navigate this disappointment?

We learned a lot through the story in Mark 9:14-27, which describes a father crying out to Jesus to heal his son of a demon. The father is honest with Jesus, saying “I believe, but help me in my unbelief.”

So often we want to believe. We want to have this massive faith that will make everything magically fix itself. But the truth is that we are weary of unanswered prayers, we are unsure of what is to come, and we are even doubtful if God can move.

More than being loud and mustering up faith, God wants us to tune into his heart. He wants us to be honest with our doubts and fears. He wants us to surrender the situation to Him.

“Understanding God’s heart is pivotal in learning how to pray and what to pray.” -Pastor Eli Nelson

It’s not about rattling off the right words or yelling loudly to get God’s attention. Instead, learn to listen. Not so that you can speak, but so you can understand more of God’s heart and align your desires with His will.

It is through getting in His Word daily and listening for His voice that we learn how to pray.

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