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July 13, 2021

YTH Lingo 101


There’s no denying that God is doing mighty things in the youth of Omaha through our YTH ministry.

At My City Church, we are leaders in life. We believe in the leadership potential of every person. We take every opportunity to raise up the next generation of leaders. We are spirit empowered leaders. Leadership is not something we do, leadership is who we are.

youth students jumping and worshiping at church in omaha nebraska

The youth in our church are absolutely the next generation of leaders, and they show up and show out every week!

They are often the loudest, most hype group in church on Sundays, and transform their middle school and high school campuses every day by simply showing up and loving God. We also have a YTH Summer Internship where YTH students get to take their relationship with God to the next level and discover the calling of God on their lives!

youth students worshiping at church in omaha nebraska

With all of that said, sometimes it seems like there’s a disconnect between Gen Z and other generations because of their ever-changing lingo and modern trends like tik tok dances, but our YTH are worth knowing, loving, and mentoring, and to make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of eleven lingo words you should know when entering into community with the YTH.


If you hear one of your YTH students say “bet”, they’re just agreeing or giving their approval. For example: “That Jesus guy, he’s pretty cool.” “Bet.”


You can hear this being used during worship. Your YTH students are just pretty excited about the cool song, beat, or “bop” that the worship team pulled out that week.

Built Different

This is a newer slang phrase and it means that an individual is on another level. We tell CJ thathe’s built different, and we promise we mean it as a compliment.

Bussin; Fire; Gas; Slap

These are all words that mean something similar. If a YTH thinks something slaps, is fire, gas or bussin, they just mean that it’s awesome. Similar to bet, these words give approval.

"Look at that drip!"


If someone has drip, they have good fashion sense. Honestly, Josh Andrew has drip, especially when he wears Church Etiquette (shameless plug, I know).

High Key

Synonyms for this include “very” and “really.” This just gives emphasis. For example: “I high key loved Pastor Clyde’s message this morning.”

No cap

This means “no lie.” The opposite is cap, but the YTH usually use “no cap” to say they’re not lying about something.


Coined from Tik Tok, sheesh is used to express disbelief or exasperation. Honestly, this one is best heard from a YTH themself. I promise, it’s worth it.


If you’re “sus”, you’re suspicious, or your actions are suspicious. For the YTH, it’s pretty sus that you haven’t gotten to know them yet.


This one can mean two things. First, if you “yeet” something, you throw it hard. Second, “yeet” can also be used as a sound of approval. Basically, yeet is a catch-all.


Someone or someplace’s “vibe” is just the feeling they give off. You can “vibe” with something/someone and approve of their state of being, or you can just appreciate their “vibes.” On the other hand, you can also not “vibe” with someone/someplace.

youth students smiling at camera at church in omaha nebraska
Ta-da! Now you’re ready to build relationships with our YTH.

As we mentioned above, they are the next generation of leaders, and I can guarantee you that they are incredible people. You won’t want to miss out on knowing them, and now you have all of the tools in your hands!

Check out the podcast below!

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