Team Conference 2023
Join us 08.26.23 for Team Conference 2023 with special guest, Pastor Phil Pringle!


My City YTH ("Youth") is a Youth Ministry in Omaha that desires to teach students how to practically follow Jesus at home, school, or wherever life takes them.

women wearing a youth ministry shirt at a student event in Omaha
leaders of tomorrow

The future is in their hands.

Many students in our city are looking for a place to belong. They are searching for a group of friends to connect with. And they are seeking God’s direction in their lives.

My City YTH ("Youth") is all about raising up and equipping the next generation of leaders and launching them into the destiny and call that God has on their life. We have created a community where students, ages 11 - 18 and grades 6th - 12th, can have fun, find freedom, and connect with their loving Father and his family of believers.
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We do community.

We provide several ways for students to embrace God's family.

City Nite

"Party with a Purpose."
students worshipping Jesus
Party with a Purpose

City Nite

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month, we have our City Nites. City Nites are a “Party with a Purpose.” Students experience powerful worship, challenging messages, authentic community and amazing pre/post parties.

3rd Wednesday each month
Ages 12 - 18


"Real Students. Real Life. Real Talk."
High school students laughing at a table.


Crews exist to help students find community and stay connected to God. As students attend their crew the goal is also for them to grow through mentorships and friendships with others. As the next generation, we believe in nurturing a strong relationship in Christ and helping students to establish leadership skills by getting plugged into a team at My City Church.

Wednesday Night of Group Weeks
Still have questions?

Questions about YTH

What is My City YTH?
YTH is the youth ministry at My City Church. Catering to the middle school and high school age group our goal is to help students find, grow, and nurture their relationship with Jesus and walk their lives out in freedom together. We believe you shouldn’t do life alone.
What should parents do on Crew nights?
We are so glad you asked! You can find an adult crew that meets at the same time. We care about the growth of the whole family and believe that when you and your child attend a crew the whole family finds freedom together.
What is the general flow on a Crew night?
On a crew night the first half hour is dedicated to fellowship. This is a great time for kids to get to know each other, connect, and eat some yummy food. After that we move into an icebreaker activity, praise report, gender based discussions, and a prayer moment.  We like to celebrate together and pray together!
Will food be available?
Each Crew takes place at a restaurant or food court to ensure that kids have the opportunity to purchase food. However, it is not mandatory that they buy food.
I still have questions, what should I do?
That is totally ok! Feel free to send us an email at You can also contact us here.